Shinji Mikami: Shadows of the Damned is a Grasshopper game

Shadows of the Damned has assembled a developmental dream team in No More Heroes director Goichi Suda, Resident Evil creator Shinji Mikami and Silent Hill composer Akira Yamaoka. But with two out of the three being horror game icons, should we worry that self-professed punk fan Suda51’s quirky sense of  humor will be lost amid the haunting music and freakish beasts?

“When you look at it, you’re going to say this is a Grasshopper game,” Mikami assured Joystiq. “When you play it, especially if you’ve played a Resident Evil, you can kind of sense ‘ah, there’s a little bit of Resident Evil here.’ But I don’t think it’s from the start it’s a Mikami game. It’s definitely a Grasshopper game.” This could be shrugged off as typical Japanese politeness, but Shadow of the Damned‘s grindhouse-inspired gameplay trailer is pretty compelling evidence that though not like anything we’ve ever seen previously from Grasshopper Manufacture’s head honcho, this will most definitely be a Suda51 game. There is, after all, a bone-firing gun named “Boner.”