EA say PC downloads are doing great, could become their biggest platform

Whoever said PC gaming is dead? It certainly wasn’t EA; label president Frank Gibeau couldn’t speak more highly of the platform.

He’s told Gamasutra: “The user base is gigantic. PC retail may be a big problem, but PC downloads are awesome. … The margins are much better and we don’t have any rules in terms of first party approvals.”

This of course refers to the Steam side of things, among other digital download services. It’s interesting that they label retail a problem, but Gibeau continued: “From our perspective, it’s an extremely healthy platform. … It’s totally conceivable it will become our biggest platform. If you look at the way people play in Asia, PC is the model. I think that free to play model is coming to the west in a big way.”

EA are certainly behind that model, with Battlefield Play4Free pushing their own range of cost-free titles. That’s out in April.