The Gears may still turn after third installment

Gears of War 3 faces the same question that many franchises do when they come to the end of a trilogy; what’s next?

Epic’s president Mike Capps isn’t exactly sure, but he’s definitely not ruling out the possibility of more games. While talking to Industry Gamers about the future of the franchise at GDC last week, Capps said: “It’s a really good question. If no one buys Gears 3 [laughs] I’ll tell you what the future is right now. I’m hoping it’ll be the biggest entertainment launch this year, but it might not be. So it is definitely a trilogy and the story is a trilogy; I think people will get that experience when they reach the end. I don’t want gamers to feel cheated. At the same time, I’ve worked on the comics, we’ve got the novels… there’s a ton of stories in this universe. There’s certainly more space to tell a different story if we wanted to.”

There’s also a rumored Gears Kinect title in the works. If we do get a Gears 4, it could well be a long way off: “We don’t have an exact plan for ‘here’s what we’re doing next’ but I think we’ll wait and see and maybe give folks a little rest for a while.”

Gears of War 3 launches in September.