Batman: Arkham City dated for October

It’s been two years since we last explored the insides of the Arkham Asylum as the Dark Knight, busting up thugs as we saw them in ways more brutal than we could’ve ever hoped for. Batman: Arkham Asylum was, without a doubt, one of 2009’s best games and proved that single-player-only games are still a force to be reckon with in a world infested by multiplayer experiences.

Batman: Arkham City is now getting ready to woo the fans and industry alike later this year. The sequel has been officially dated worldwide and will let players scrutinize every inch of Arkham City – a place which developer Rocksteady promises to be five times bigger than Arkham Asylum – on October 18th in the US, followed by a release on the 19th in Australia and 21st in Europe.

In addition, a few new screenshots were delivered alongside the news. Check them out in the gallery here.