MS promises a “better” Games for Windows Live for all

Do you use Games for Windows Live when you go online on your PC? Okay, okay, stop laughing at me! You may soon anyways, as senior producer of interactive entertainment, Kevin Unangst, told CVG: “The service started with the right intent,” he said, “which was to bring Achievements, friends, multiplayer gaming and matchmaking in a really great way to PC.

“I think because it was designed originally as a partner to the console service more than the PC service, we had a rocky start.”

The service never really kicked off since its announcement. Funny, given the popularity of Xbox Live, but Unangst reveals: “We also didn’t back it up with the most important thing, which is doing fantastic games to take advantage of the service. A network by itself isn’t valuable – there needs to be great games to take advantage.”

The answer to Microsoft’s problems? Games, games, games. “I look at it as like what Halo did for Xbox Live,” Unangst added, “where you had Bungie and Microsoft going back and saying ‘to make a great multiplayer game here’s some things I need in the service, here’s my audience’.

“The Age of Empire team has got a lot of great input and the same can be said for Lionhead, who said ‘we’re going to build Fable 3 on the PC’ and know what they want out of the service.

“I think the underpinnings are great, I think it’s going to continue to get better. We launched a new Marketplace which was great, we’re selling Live and non-Live enabled games.”

Perhaps we’ll see GFW grow as the year goes on.