Crytek UK prepping for an E3 reveal of unannounced project

When Free Radical was at the brink of bankruptcy, Crytek decidedly went on a rescue mission, buying the developer and re-branding it to Crytek UK. The buyout may well be bearing fruit in the near future as the Nottingham-based studio seems to have “very ambitious plans” and are reportedly preparing an as of yet undisclosed project for an E3 reveal this summer.

“I think the gaming scene and the UK scene are going to be very pleased with the new project they’re working on,” said Crytek co-founder Avni Yerli. “I think at E3 this year – or just after – we are going to make a big announcement that I think people will be happy about,” he added.

While former Free Radical is no longer and independent developer, both Crytek and Crytek UK studios arrive on “mutual conclusions on projects,” Yerli said, explaining that “the way the studio is set up means we don’t have to tell them what to do – the thinking is more about what we can do to help them get on with their own work.”

It’s been wildly rumored that the studio would be returning to TimeSplitters, the game that put Free Radical on the map. Whatever the game, will a new and more resonating name boost the hype for this project?