Zenimax open MMO support center in Ireland

Bethesda’s parent company, Zenimax, is to open a new center in Ireland dedicated to customer support for the company’s future MMOs. Zenimax Online Studios is yet to announce an MMO for their customers to actually support, but this new center will create hundreds of jobs for the community, which is great, if you’re in Ireland.

Matt Firor, president of ZeniMax Online Studios said: “Today’s announcement marks an important step for us. We are excited to be building an experienced team, led by Rich [Barham, Director of Customer Support], which will focus on providing superior customer support for our games. Galway has world-class educational facilities, is a beautiful place to work and live, and offers a wide variety of benefits for our employees. Our ability to provide superior customer service for our future products is firmly on track.”

What can we expect the studio to come up with?