Interest in The Old Republic grows, 1.5 million registered for beta

Star Wars: The Old Republic has taken shot after shot about its doomed future and the prediction that it’ll never be profitable. But there now seems to be indication that The Old Republic, which shifted hands from Lucasfilm to EA last year, might be well on its way to prove people wrong. After all, we’re talking Star Wars, BioWare and EA here, how big a flop could it be?

According to Eric Brown, EA’s chief financial officer, beta registrations are reaching high numbers, closing in on 1.5 million users. “We will be increasing the beta. The business is that we have over a million, closer to one and a half million, opted in happy to step up and be beta testers. North of a million demand to do some free testing, I think is a great indicator of the interest level of the franchise,” said Brown during an interview, adding that while no “milestones” have been specifically discussed, “we will move from closed, to semi-closed, to open in preparation for launch.” Brown also mentioned that more info would be made available come E3 later this year.

The MMO is still without a stone-set release date, but appears to be on track for a launch between “April 1 and December 31 of this calendar year.”