Little Zangief treats school bully to pavement piledriver

Australian high school student Casey Haynes has been dubbed “Little Zangief” after video of his Street Fighter inspired retaliation against a bully surfaced on the internet.

Originally posted on Reddit, the now infamous video captures the smaller bully repeatedly taunting and punching the bigger Haynes in the face, and Haynes calmly takes it.  Right up until the moment he unleashes his devastating finishing move, a spinning piledriver ripped straight from the Russian wrestler’s combo list.

Remixed versions of the original video, complete with Street Fighter sound effects, have naturally started surfacing.

While I believe that physical violence should always be the absolute last resort, this bully got exactly what was coming to him. It’s a shame that the kid in the black bag near the end,  the real bully who has been tormenting Haynes for the past for 4 years, didn’t get treated to an atomic suplex. I definitely don’t agree with the school’s decision to suspend Haynes for 4 days (the smaller bully for 22 days), as all he did was defend himself in the most awesome way possible.

If you agree, feel free to drop the school an e-mail in support of this bully bashing hero.