Mass Effect 2 is BAFTA’s Best Game, Heavy Rain a big winner too

Videogames, c-list celebrities and Sir Ben Kingsley were celebrated in style last night as the annual GAME BAFTAs were held in London. BioWare’s Mass Effect 2 and Quantic Dream’s Heavy Rain were the big winners, with the former earning Best Game and David Cage’s fantastic thriller stealing three of its own awards. Heavy Rain took home the prize for Original Music, Technical Innovation, and Story. Super Mario Galaxy 2 rightfully earned Best Gameplay for its planet-hopping, goomba-stomping platforming.

There were plenty of winners to be had elsewhere though, as Ezio and Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood earned Best Action, and Civilization V won Best Strategy. Rare were big winners with Kinect Sports in the Family category, while app sensation Cut The Rope was awarded Best Handheld.

Other big winners? F1 2010 grabbed Best Sports while Criterion’s Autolog system meant Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit did the same for Multiplayer. Battlefield: Bad Company 2‘s deafening gun shots won it the Use of Audio category, while the eye-ripping, head-tearing God of War III stole Artistic Achievement.

My Empire was crowned Best Social Network Game (though I was gunning for the David Fincher film), and the wonderfully named Twang! headed up the One to Watch award.

The public piled on the votes to (predictably) earn Call of Duty: Black Ops the GAME Award of 2010, and, of course, Mr. Peter Molyneux took to the stage for a heartfelt acceptance of his Fellowship Award.

Congrats to all the winners. Sadly, I was dragged out of the building screaming “Castlevania was robbed!” We’ll get there some day, Gabe.