Play the dragon age of Facebook with Legends

BioWare’s wildly popular action RPG  franchise Dragon Age hits Facebook as EA announces that Dragon Age Legends is now available for the behemoth social platform. Legends is an effort between its creator, BioWare, and EA’s Play4Free division, EA2D.

The game plays out in the Free Marches, Dragon Age II‘s main setting, and will, according to EA2D general manager Mark Spenner, provide Facebook with “true RPG combat and style” the only way BioWare knows how to: the BioWare way. Customize your character, recruit friends, engage challenging quests, earn loot and share rewards with others to empower your kingdom and yourself. And should you own Dragon Age II on any other platform, complete specific quests and be on the lookout for a few exclusive items.

Dragon Age Legends is available on Facebook as we speak. But before you go do your thing, have a look at the trailer embedded above.