Square Enix expands on Canadian soil

Whenever a developer closes its doors for good, we’re left empty inside, which makes news like this the more cheerful whenever it comes around.

Giant developer and publisher Square Enix is opening up a new studio in Canada. The official location hasn’t been chosen quite yet, but according to La Presse, the bearer of news, negotiations between Square Enix and several provincial governments hint at Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal being candidates of the hosting type. Why Canada, however, is a no-brainer; in addition to tax credits, the Japanese company is aiming for a direct subsidy, calculated in millions of dollars, which is something other companies have benefited from over the past two years. Also, with the acquisition of Eidos Montreal back in 2009, this new studio would be the company’s second studio in the country.

“Vancouver has plenty of manpower available with all the closures of studios there. People in Toronto are excessively business. Montreal has an established reputation and a great creative potential. “Another advantage for Montreal: the possibilities for synergy with the first studio Square Enix in the metropolitan area,” said Stéphane D’Astous, director at Eidos Montreal.

The planned studio is believed to house “at least” 100 employees once the doors are open. “We want to prepare ourselves,” added D’Astous, referring to “new generations of home consoles.” With an expected 2012 opening, those preparations sure are starting early given that both Microsoft and Sony are pleased with how things are at the moment, having launched Kinect and Move (respectively) as late as last year, and Nintendo focusing on its 3DS console, drives us to believe there will be no significant announcement of a new home console. But then again, it’s Nintendo… you just never know.