Portal 2 does TV, features Atlas and P-body

We’re not far from getting our hands on Portal 2. In fact, we’re just about a month away from the sequel to what was arguably the most unexpected piece of videogame awesome of 2007, and it’s time to get that marketing freight train going. And ever since Valve’s marketing VP Doug Lombardi took a shot at ad agencies describing them as being almost “worthless,” it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to understand Valve will be creating all marketing-related content itself.

And it starts here. Embedded above is the first TV spot for Portal 2 featuring Atlas and P-body, the co-op duo we’ll get to play as once the game ships. As always, there’s a subtle sense of humor involved while at the same time portraying the idea and concept of the game. 30 seconds of goodness.

Portal 2 is scheduled for a late-April release on PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PC and Mac.