Rare on Kinect Sports 2: “There’s a tonne of stuff we can still do”

Talk of Rare working on Kinect Sports 2 has been heating up in the last few days, so TVGB took the chance to ask the team about where a possible sequel would go as they picked up the BAFTA for Best Family Game this week.

Jim Horth, executive producer, explained: “When you think about Kinect and you think about the technology and about what it’s capable of, there’s a tonne of stuff that we can still do with it. Not just from Kinect Sports but from a whole load of other titles. It’s our mission but also our passion to drive that technology as hard as we can. I think Kinect Sports, for us, is a perfect vehicle to do that.”

Horth and his colleague Shintaro Kanaoya were also kind enough to put me on the spot and ask what I’d do with a sequel. My reply? Sword fighting. All credit to me if that makes it into the sequel, then.