The MMO Round-Up / March 20

The MMO Round-up captures the genre’s most notable happenings of the week in easy to consume, bite-sized portions.

ZeniMax — parent company to Bethesda and id Software — seem to be ramping up MMO related efforts as they opened a new MMO customer support center in Ireland.

The beta efforts for Star Wars: The Old Republic attracted nearly 1.5 million users.

Jagex — makers of the ever popular RuneScape — entered into contract with Hasbro to make the Transformers MMO.

NCsoft  donated 500 million yen — which is something to the order of 6.3 million USD/4.5 million euros — to the relief effort in Japan.

RIFT has unfortunately had some issues with the game’s account security, but steps have been made to hopefully close some of those loop holes.

The free-to-play Runes of Magic turned two years old recently and is making a celebration of it.

EA continued their one-sided verbal war with Blizzard by yet again targeting some words at World of Warcraft in relation to the upcoming Star Wars: The Old Republic.

Very soon Lord of the Rings Online will be getting its next big update called Echoes of the Dead; Turbine was kind enough to share the details.

The unlikely MMO World of Tanks will be officially launching on April 12.

The latest trailer for DC Universe Online showed off the homes of those dastardly villains.

The 1.8 patch for Fallen Earth went live this week bringing a new PvP area, 50 new missions and a plethora of new items and gear to boot.

Details of the European launch for Mythos was detailed this week and the game will be launching on April 28.

En Masse has partnered with Atari for the North American distribution of the Korean MMO TERA.

City of Heroes is rolling its entire player base onto a single global server and they released a FAQ to clear up any questions about the impending.

Silkroad Online released its Rise of the Thief-Hunter expansion.

After launching early, Forsaken Worlds got itself a new launch trailer for us to feast our eyes on.

The Darkfall blog hinted this week at possible big changes coming to PvP.