Boondock Saints game in early development, director impressed

There are a tonne of movies that we’d like to see made into a videogame. But in the sea of Die Hards etc we can honestly never say we gave much thought towards a Boondock Saints game. A title could be on the way though, as director Troy Duffy has revealed.

Speaking at South by Southwest, Duffy revealed: “We’re thinking of making a video game out of ‘Boondock’ and I went and listened to these guys pitch me the game and they had already done some programming. They had already built part of the game and I got to play it.”

The original film was a cult hit and it’s 2009 sequel made over $30 million at the box office. Sounds like good business, how would a game work? “The ‘Boondock’ fan base wants to have a beer with the MacManus brothers and then pick up a weapon and fight,” said Duffy. “With a video game you can increase that kind of intimacy, where they can actually be the brothers and hang out and do some shooting and have some fun. That communal aspect of the game is very important to me.”

“Video games are a way not only to expand beyond what you see in the movies as far as story and characters, but they’re a new way for your fan base to commune with one another and get even deeper into the whole brand,” said Duffy. “There are gamers now playing multiplayer games together online from different states in the same game world.”

Just like Christopher Nolan with his hit Inception, here’s another director excited by the potential of games then.