Updated: Rumors of next Xbox arise, coming 2015

Update: This has been shot down. According to the designer: “I’m a student designer, it’s not real…”

Original story: According to a discovered portfolio, updated as late as yesterday, a new Xbox is in its early stages of development.

“Confidential / Collaboration with Microsoft’s IEB design group investigating future user experiences and hardware for 2015. *Work samples only permissible in person.* (March 2011),” reads the text above the image on the linked site, which is nothing more than an enormous tease of what we could be looking at a few years from now.

Also, by 2015, the Xbox 360 would have been on the market for nearly 10 years, which would (and should) mark a shift in hardware generation rather than introducing new experiences to an already existing console.

A new Xbox would likely take advantage of another unearthed project Microsoft is working on, the Windows Gaming Experience (or WGX), which aims to unify the customer’s gaming experience no matter what platform he/she is on, be that Windows, Xbox or Windows Mobile.

It’d also be interesting to know if this new console will implement 3D, a tech that by that time could very well be glasses/headache/harmful-free. This is all speculation for now though. But in the spirit of predicting a distant future, if you had the chance to impact on a new Xbox, what would you add or change?