Silent Hill getting multiplayer spin-off?

When you think Silent Hill, multiplayer isn’t exactly the first thing that comes to mind. It’s a single-player experience, full stop. The latest entry, Silent Hill: Downpour, intends to keep things that way, but art director Radek Marek from developer Vatra has commented on a possible multiplayer entry for the franchise.

Speaking about multiplayer to Xbox 360 Magazine in Italy, Marek said: “At the moment there will be no multiplayer modes in Silent Hill: Downpour, but Konami are investigating a separate chapter devoted entirely to the Multiplayer. We do not know the details but it should be an XBLA title that most players have to survive in the town of Silent Hill.”

We imagine that to be a sort of Left 4 Dead type game with a bit more of a focus on horror. We are also very excited by that idea.