Some details drop on Duke Nukem Forever multiplayer

Duke Nukem Forever comes out in two months. It’s weird that that sentence isn’t the punchline to a very nerdy joke of some sort, but instead is completely friggin’ true. Like most games that actually get released, a bunch of details and media is released leading up to the big day. Now, the official Xbox Magazine has revealed some details on the game’s multiplayer mode.

From the sound of things, expect a very familiar multiplayer gaming experience to just about everything else coming out, meaning you will get a persistent character that you can level and unlock with all kinds of goodies. It also sports familiar game modes with slight name changes such as Dukematch, Team Dukematch, Hail to the King (King of the Hill), and Capture the Babe where what’s normally a flag is a moody babe that might freak out while carried off. Also expect jetpacks, a recreation of “Duke Burger,” and decoy HoloDukes, all from the last game. Also expect a multiplayer demo to hit prior to the game’s release. More details for sure leading up to the real release of early May.