Apple sues Amazon over “App Store” moniker

It’s always fun to see two Goliaths of industry go at it. Over the past year, Amazon released the “Appstore for Android”, a section of their website to download and purchase (you guessed it) “apps” as well as games for Android devices. Rather innocuous you might think, unless you’re Apple, who claims to own the “App Store” trademark for use on their iOS devices. Bloomberg reports that Apple claims in the March 18 court filing that it contacted Amazon three times to demand they cease using the name, yet Amazon had not “provided a substantive response.”

“We’ve asked Amazon not to copy the App Store name because it will confuse and mislead customers,” said Kristin Huguet, a spokeswoman for Apple. The lawsuit asks for Amazon to discontinue use of the name “App Store” as well as unspecified damages for trademark infringement and unfair competition claims. There is not much word from Amazon’s camp on the matter, as “we have a long-standing practice of not commenting on pending litigation,” said Mary Osako, a spokeswoman for Amazon.