Still hope for Dead Space movie

We haven’t heard any news on a live-action Dead Space movie for some time. Talk of a possible prequel to the first game first appeared a few years back, but it’s been all quiet on the necromorph-front since.

Chatter started up again recently as director D.J. Caruso went spoke to AreaGames, revealing (via Joystiq): “We’re working on the story. We had one attempt of trying to do a prequel, but the story didn’t quite work out as well as we wanted it to. But if we can capture how – I don’t want to say, I guess, how scary or horrifying it would be to play that game because it’s really, really fantastic – it’d be fun to make that into a movie.”

The flick, which will be a joint project between EA and producers Marty Bowen and Wyck Godfrey, sounds like it’s being taken serious by all parties. That should make for some good viewing, if it ever releases.