Ticking clock goes behind-the-scenes of Section 8: Prejudice

Well that was…stirring. Timegate Studios gives us a behind-the-scenes look at their upcoming downloadable shooter Section 8: Prejudice, featuring a wanton blonde interviewer two steps removed from Mrs. Robinson. But awkward come-ons and low-cut tops aside, the video gives us a look at the Tribes and Halo-inspired sequel, which features a full single-player campaign, co-op multiplayer modes such as the much talked-about (in the video at least) “Swarm” mode where 4 players hold a position against a “swarm” of enemies, as well as your standard online multiplayer flair, all for the whopping price of $15. If you can get past the comely single white female (as some of the interviewees can’t), there’s plenty of game footage to whet your appetite for what looks to be a promising contender in the downloadable arena shooter market.