3DS pre-orders doubling the Wii in UK, launch sales will “exceed” 3D TV sales for the year

It looks like the 3DS is set to be yet another success story for Nintendo; pre-orders for the handheld are said to be doubling that of the Wii in the UK.

The announcement comes from Nintendo UK itself as General Manager David Yarnton said: “The reaction to Nintendo 3DS has exceeded our wildest expectations. Glasses-free 3D entertainment has truly arrived. It’s almost certain that the number of Nintendo 3DS consoles sold on Friday will exceed the number of 3D televisions sold in the whole of 2010.”

Why so sure, Dave? “Until now 3D has been too expensive, too clumsy and too restricted. With Nintendo 3DS it’s mobile. It’s affordable. It’s glasses-free. And it’s here, now.”

Can’t argue with that. Apart from the last sentence; it’s here in a few days, not now.