At least half of PS3, 360 owners purchased digital games last year

A report from EEDAR reveals that a total of 55 percent of Xbox 360 users bought at least one Xbox Live Acrade game in 2010, a sizeable increase from 2009’s 43 percent. The same statistic for PS3 is at 50 percent, another rise from 42 percent in 2009. On the Nintendo side of things, 37 percent of Wii owners bought games in 2009, which went up to 43 percent last year.

We can probably put the increase down to popular digital titles like Limbo. It’s a safe bet that continued digital-development will lead to another rise this year.

Guess that’s more evidence for the impending digital takeover happening sooner or later. A further study revealed that an average digital game on all three systems costs $10, with an average profit of $7. Specific to the 360, the price is $11, which is a bit more than the same statistic in 2006 ($8). Will price averages continue to rise?