Battlestar Galactica proves to be Bigpoints “best ever” game launch

Bigpoint’s Battlestar Galactica Online is off to a great start, as it establishes potential to be the company’s biggest ever revenue-earner.

CCO Nigs-Holger Henning spoke to about how the game could earn more than €1 million per month. “Well, to talk directly,” he began, “it’s the best start we’ve ever had with a game in Bigpoint’s history – and not because we’ve been putting so much marketing behind it, but because the community has been driving it. They’ve been so interested in the brand and what’s going to happen with the game.

The beta launched last month and is already helping Bigpoint fine tune the experience: “The feedback that we’ve had is quite nice, because people didn’t know it was possible. They thought what was happening in the browser could only be something like Farmville or Cityville.”

It’s encouraging to see such a leap in browser games. We’d like to think this will pave the way for more top-quality browser experiences, like the upcoming Transformers MMO, perhaps.