Two games from Hideo Kojima this E3?

Metal Gear mastermind Hideo Kojima could have two projects lined up to reveal this E3. You know what that means; endless teasers and countdown sites.

UK mag PSM3 has kick-started the rumor, saying: “MGS maestro Hideo Kojima’s got some big announcements for E3 in June: one a quasi-logical step for an existing game, the other…”

We seem to be the only ones who remember Kojima promising to reveal an NGP title at E3, one that would run on both PS3 and the handheld. Could this mean the same game running on two platforms or are we genuinely getting two new games? Will one of them be called Metal Gear Solid 5? Will one of them be called Zone of the Enders 3? Will one of them be called? Zone of the Metal Gears 8?

Who ever knows with Kojima?