343: next Halo will have “dramatic innovations” but mechanics “don’t need to be changed”

We know that Microsoft’s 343 Industries is working full steam ahead on new Halo projects, we just don’t know exactly what said projects will be. Creative director Frank O’Connor has made some exciting promises to CVG though, giving us confidence that they know just what the franchise needs.

“Ultimately the core game mechanic and strength of the universe doesn’t need to be changed,” O’Connor said, “it just needs to be taken deeper. We want to make Halo games – we don’t want to make Call of Duty or Ridge Racer. We want to make Halo games because we understand what’s special about Halo.”

This is the fourth Halo title to grace the 360 though, so it’s got to innovate. O’Connor isn’t worried: “I would say that one thing that has happened with previous Halo games regardless of hardware or platform shift is that there were always ideas left on the table due to time constraints, there were also ideas that didn’t quite work because people didn’t take to them or audience player patterns weren’t exactly what we expected. So no matter when it comes out, the next Halo is going to contain improvements. Some of them are going to be dramatic innovations while others will be slight tweaks.”

Dramatic innovations? What could that involve? “You’ve got to say ‘what can we do to make this better?'” he added. “It doesn’t matter if that is a giant innovation or a small tweak, you’ve got to do it all over the board. That’s how Bungie approaches it.”

Maybe E3 will reveal the next Halo project.