Commander Shepard to get Isaac Clarke’s HUD?

We can’t be the only ones who think a Dead Space/Mass Effect crossover would rock the galaxy. Isaac Clarke fighting off a Necromorph invasion on the citadel? Sign us up. That’s not going to happen any time soon though, so we’ll have to make do with news that Mass Effect 3 could utilize one of Dead Spaces‘ most unique features.

BioWare programmer Brenon Holmes recently commented on the team’s struggle with Mass Effect‘s heads-up display (HUD). He revealed: “We actually had the exact same thought during ME2 development and did a few prototypes of a health and shield indicator in world on Shepard’s armour. The end result was not as great as we’d hoped… “

When it comes to in-game HUDs, no one does it like Isaac. “Dead Space; the interface… it feels really immersive,” Holmes continued. “I just want to touch the hell out of those buttons . So we are still investigating ways of putting some of our HUD elements into the environment… we’ll see what we end up with.”

We’re all for breaking down the barriers and making the Mass Effect experience more immersive. Sounds like big changes could be in store for Shepard before the end of the year.