Kinect hacks: the gateway drug to Judgement Day

The tech behind Microsoft’s Kinect is way more awesome than any of the games currently putting it into practice, so it’s no surprise hackers have come up with so many ways in which to use the device that its makers never intended.

And it should also come as surprise when the device eventually, and inevitably, becomes self aware and initiates a nuclear strike at the first attempt to disconnect it, triggering Judgement Day. Oh sure, the Predator camouflage, lightsabers and puppets are getting you noticed now, but those YouTube views are gonna dry up pretty quick when we’re all busy fleeing the machines’ roaming death squads. I know this video is supposed to be funny, but behind every joke is a grain of truth. Mark my words. The minute someone solders a Kinect to that Honda robot, it’s game over human race.