Novels all the Rage these days

Stephen King’s The Stand. Cormac McCarthy’s The Road. Post-apocalyptica is ripe for the written word, and as we’ve seen with Borderlands and the Fallout series, also for the videogame world. It should come as no surprise, then, that the upcoming post-apocalyptic shooter Rage from id Software is getting a novelization based on its rich setting, penned by the game’s writer Matt Costello and published under Del Rey Books for release on August 30.

The book will be aptly titled “Rage” and will focus on Lt. Nick Raine, a soldier who comes out of genetically-selective stasis to find the world he once knew still intact, yet now overrun by mutants and covered in shades of yellow and brown. The novel will coincide with a recently announced comic book series by Dark Horse that will serve as a prequel to the game.