3DS enjoys a healthy launch in the UK

Nintendo’s new portable, the 3DS, saw record pre-orders in the UK market with about 140,000 signing up for one, prompting Nintendo UK GM David Yarnton to say, “the reaction to Nintendo 3DS has exceeded our wildest expectations.” However, with 113,000 units sold during its opening weekend, said expectations must have logically brought Yarnton back to Earth.

While 113k units do not equal 140k units – pure, simple mathematical skills tell us that – the 3DS hit record-breaking sales nonetheless, beating its little brother DSi and even the Wii, which, according to reports, sold 90,000 and 106,000 respectively.

The 3DS has been said to have sold 303,000 units across the Old Continent since its launch last Friday, March 25th. Any of you among those?