Dead Man’s Chest, Lego-style

The LEGO brand games let you reenact famous movie franchises, only in LEGO form. Strangely, they tend to turn out better than most of the actual games based on the films. How that comes to be I haven’t the foggiest, but maybe it’s due in part to the stellar production values, lighthearted nature, and easy to pick up gameplay. But again, I’m no expert. Pirates of the Caribbean gets the LEGO treatment with LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean: The Video Game where you can play through all four films. Yes, four, the fourth one (On Stranger Tides) comes out this summer. Here’s a glimpse at the chapter focusing on Dead Man’s Chest, the second in the series. The Kraken, Davy Jones, that big wheel, it’s all in there, but Lego-style. You know, like the header conveyed so brilliantly.