Inafune reveals two new studios

Having parted ways with Capcom last year, we’ve finally learnt what has become of former development head Keiji Inafune.

Retirement? No way; Inafune is still very much invested in game development and beyond, as he’s proved with the two new companies revealed today.

The first of these, Intercept, will focus solely on games. It’s said to have an ethos based around three keywords: originality; gravity; and “beyond the age” – games that cross different eras. Given Inafune’s comments about Japanese development around TGS 2010, it will be exciting to see what this studio can come up with.

Comcept is the second studio, which will focus on more than just games. Music, video, events management and consultancy are all on the table for this new firm.

Inafune will talk about both companies and their future in a press conference on Monday.