THQ confirms layoffs across Homefront and Red Faction developers

A total of 30 THQ employees have been let go this week. Red Faction and Saints Row developer Volition saw 16 of its staff leave, while the other 14 were from Kaos Studios, the team behind Homefront.

A THQ statement reads: “We have had to let go of 16 employees at Volition, our studio in Champaign, Illinois. We must adjust our workforce to fit the studio’s current needs, which is a relatively common occurrence in the game development industry.”

Despite this news the publisher confirmed that “the changes are not expected to affect any current or future titles in development with Volition.”

The same goes for the Homefront crew: “Kaos has a dedicated team in place that will continue to support Homefront with an ongoing, robust DLC and content plan, as well as working on pre-production for future games.”

Kaos still houses 70 staff while Volition has a whopping 220 developers under its roof.