Another Mass Effect novel coming

With a universe as rich as Mass Effect’s, it’s no wonder that its stories and characters have lived on outside of the games. Even though the next (and final) installment of the trilogy is still months away, there’s plenty of Mass Effect to chew on with a series of books and comics, and now a new novel is on the way entitled Mass Effect: Deception from publisher Del Rey Books.

The story revolves around Gillian, the subject of science experiments gone awry, who finds herself with amazing biotic powers. She escapes, but after a run-in with a group of similarly-powered superhumans who think they’re a whole notch above those pesky regular humans, she’s forced to grapple with her destiny and humanity. Hmm….sounds like a certain shaved-head leather-clad lass from Mass Effect 2, if you ask me.

The book will be released in Fall 2011 and will be written by William C. Dietz, whose previous game-related novels include adaptations of Dark Forces, Resistance and Halo.