Bigpoint gains second CEO, one for US, one for EU

We’ve been hearing a lot from Bigpoint Games recently, which is good news for them. Business is going good, so they’ve recruited a second CEO into their organisation.

Current CEO Heiko Hubertz is now in charge of American operations while Arthur Bastings now takes care of European business. Hubertz told Gamasutra: “I think it makes total sense that we have two CEOs in the company if I’m in the U.S. and we need someone here at the Hamburg headquarters.”

“We’re doing three-digit million numbers in revenue, and two-digit million numbers in profit.” Their San Francisco office will grow from 90 to 200 employees by the end of the year.

But where will Bigpoint go in the future? “We’re developing many IPs — even IPs we haven’t announced quite yet.”