Initiation, escalation, invasion; Inversion begins 2012

This is kind of a mind-blower when you take a minute and think about the potential of what is going on here. Above is a deeper look into Inversion, the upcoming “gravity-defying shooter” from Saber Interactive (think TimeShift) and NAMCO BANDAI Games which apparently is supposed to turn third-person games on their heads. And while the footage in the trailer is mostly live action, the concept is intriguing enough to lay an eye or two on. Seriously, entire buildings, cars, even hot sauce floating and levitating off the ground with a bunch of people screaming while running and getting flung into the air by an apparent force in the sky reminiscent of Sam Fisher’s multi-vision goggles? How is that boring?

More importantly, we already have a release date for it as you will see by the end of the trailer. February 7th, 2012, on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. That’s all for now, but expect more info to drop in “the coming weeks and months.”