NGP “perfect” for MMOs says SOE

We’re just getting used to the idea of MMOs coming over to consoles; January’s DC Universe Online is really the only MMO to make the jump over this generation, bar Final Fantasy XI. But hey, why stop at home consoles? That’s what DC‘s creators say anyway.

Sony Entertainment Online president John Smedley has named the upcoming NGP “perfect” for the MMO genre. Speaking to, he revealed: “With the console, we’re selling to an audience that already has the PS3 obviously – and by the way not the just the PS3, but in the future I can see other devices. Sony’s announced the NGP, and if that isn’t a perfect machine for doing MMOs on, then I don’t know what is.”

With NGP’s 3G at the helm, we can see what Smedley is on about. Not only could NGP handle MMOs on a similar scale to DC Universe, but we could potentially take those worlds anywhere. Lunch break raids? Sign us up.