Quantic Dream’s next could be revealed at E3, Cage unsure if it will Move

It’s about time Quantic Dream revealed their next project; we’ve been asking after it ever since Heavy Rain released back in Febuary 2010. An announcement could be in store come E3 though, Quantic boss David Cage has revealed.

CVG asked if one of the developer’s upcoming games would be revealed at LA in June, to which he replied: “This is in discussion right now with Sony. We’ll see. I can’t really answer anything on release dates. We are in production right now, so nothing will be coming out this year for sure.”

Quantic have two games under wraps right now, both of which are exclusive to PS3. Considering that it’s Sony only, will the next game utilize the Move controller? “We learned a lot doing [Move for Heavy Rain],” Cage added. “We need some time to think about it and see how we can create even more exciting experiences.”

Move or no Move, we’re hoping to see this one in the coming months.