Dead Rising 2 goes Off the Record in new DLC

Don’t put down that dual-chainsaw-stick-thing yet; Dead Rising 2 isn’t done.

Capcom are developing yet another helping of DLC for their zombiefied hit titled Dead Rising 2: Off the Record. This new campaign delivers a “What if?” scenario where Frank West, hero of the original game, replaces Chuck Greene in the Fortune City outbreak. New missions and enemies stand in his way along with a new area and more weapon-combinations. Co-op and a new save system are also in to add to the improvements.

The trailer above gives you a taste of what to expect, although we guess you probably already know what’s in store. There is some rather weird wrestling stuff shown, which could turn out to be pretty amazing. Interestingly this pack isn’t exclusive to 360; it will also hit PS3 and PC when it launches in the fall.