Hacker group Anonymous to stage in-store Sony protests

The court case involving George “GeoHot” Hotz and Sony may have come to a close recently, but that doesn’t mean the fight is over yet. Hotz was sued by Sony after he discovered the root keys to the PlayStation 3 and posted them online, allegedly violating copyright and breaching security measures. The parties settled out of court on March 31 and the root keys have since been taken off the internet. However, during the course of the litigation, Anoymous, a group of hackers known for their altercations with the Westboro Baptist Church and Youtube antagonizer Jessi Slaughter, expressed their opposition to the case by attacking the PlayStation Network last Monday, causing delays and outages of the service.

Now, the group are staging in-store protests set for April 16 at Sony stores worldwide. Currently, the group has set up a Facebook account where they have received over 1,000 members pledging to take part in the protests. However, the validity of a group known as “Anonymous” taking part in a very public display of protest is questionable, raising speculation on their actual involvement in the protests.