3DS breaks record in the Land Down Under

Nintendo’s latest portable, the 3DS, has reportedly gotten off to a good worldwide start, sales-wise. We’ve already seen the UK figures. And not to be outdone by its English-speaking European competitor, Australia seems to be enjoying three dimensional glasses-free gaming just as much, according to the latest number-crunching.

31,000 units have been sold in the Land Down Under, a tad short of the Wii’s launch which rose to 32,000. However, the latter was achieved during the span of a week as opposed to the four days it took the 3DS to reach its numbers. What this all means is that the 3DS managed to grab the top spot as Australia’s fastest-selling handheld console as of yet.

While this brings enjoyment to Nintendo, it’s been said that sales are actually slowing down already, particularly in Japan. We wonder if whoever’s concerned about that knows that the country has bigger issues to deal with at the moment.