E3’s 2009 return saw revenues triple

It’s back on steady ground now, but E3 has been a bit up and down in recent years. We still remember the smaller show back in 2007 which left many wondering if they’d even bother next year, but it’s been growing back in size ever since, now back to its normal scale.

That’s a good thing for the show, too; 2009’s return to the original format saw revenues triple over the previous year. 2008’s total of $3.24 million went to $11.76 million in 2009.

It’s not all press conference sunshine and hands-on rainbows though; while the show’s revenue increased, revenue for ESA, the organisation behind the event, continues to decline. There’s been a drop of around 20 percent year on year leading to a membership revenue of $12.26 million in 2009.

Maybe that will be pick post-E3 2011, which takes place on June 7 – 9.