MotorStorm Apocalypse coming to NA on May 3

Depending on who you might believe, the apocalypse is either going to happen this year on May 21, next year on December 21, or it already ended back with the Y2K scare and we’re all just living in the Matrix. Whoa. Actually, the apocalypse is happening on May 3 in North America with the launch of Motorstorm Apocalypse, the dateĀ announced today on the PlayStation.Blog. Race through crumbling cities paved in destruction to win not just glory, but your life as well. Every new copy of the game comes with a voucher for the Premier Pack DLC bundle, which gives you two exclusive in-game vehicles and other nice goodies. There is still time to pre-order the game and receive a Carbon Edition vehicle, either a Supercar, Rallycar or Superbike that you can customize with decals of your choosing or using the built-in editor. Add it to your bucket list.