The MMO Round-Up / April 17

The MMO Round-up captures the genre’s most notable happenings of the week in easy to consume, bite-sized portions.

World of Warcraft and terrorism? The FBI raided a University of Michigan apartment where two individuals were suspected of aiding some kind of terrorist plot through WoW. Speculation assumes that the two were using gold selling as some sort of vehicle for potentially funding terrorism.

RuneScape was updated this week to support Clans which by typical MMO terminology would be called a guild.

Battlestar Galactica Online grabs itself over 1 million registered users.

Global Agenda was updated to version 1.4, which brings along with it the free-to-play version dubbed Free Agent. Players can get added benefits by purchasing the $20 Elite Agent version.

This past Friday the Seattle based Undead Labs opened its doors to give fans an inside look to their studio, keep your eyes peeled and you can catch glimpses of gameplay.

Among the many developers that claim to challenge MMO conventions, ArenaNet decided to throw its hat into that mix by challenging the notion of the current class mechanics.

RIFT’s first attempt at a world event ended up being plagued with issues and they are reevaluating their approach as a result.

Despite the cutbacks at SOE it appears that the development team for PlantSide Next will be expanding soon.

The most recent stat-of-the-game for Fallen Earth showed off the new Alpha County zone.

SOE announced the 60th update for Everquest II titled Children of War.

BioWare discussed the polishing of Star Wars: The Old Republic in a recent community update as well as answered some fan questions.

A recent developer diary update from RIFT talked in detail about the River of Souls content and raiding.

A teaser trailer for the Chinese MMO ArcheAge was dropped this week and looks to be shaping up well.

The Black Prophecy community received a state-of-the-game address earlier in the week.

Not all that fond of the server you play on in Aion? Paid server transfers are coming to the game.

We know you’ve been waiting in anticipation for the addition of fishing in Pirates of the Burning Sea; it’s coming.

The open beta for Mythos in Europe has started, get in while you still can.