The underground wilderness of RFA’s Infestation mode in motion

We’re not that far away from getting our hands on Volition’s latest, Red Faction Armageddon, and as we close in on its release, we’re treated to these latest trailers showing off the game’s online, 4-player co-op Infestation mode, which quite frankly, is a bloody mess in the most chaotic of fashions. Not that that makes it wildly different from its Ruin mode, but still…

There’s a lot of shooting, a bunch of explosions, a lot of splatter and people healing each other while being overrun by Martian aliens, but what the heck is actually going on is anyone’s guess.¬†Watch the intro for the mode above and pure gameplay below.

Red Faction Armageddon is scheduled for a late-May release on PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC.