First details on Rage multiplayer emerge

id Software is bringing a new multiplayer twist to Rage when it arrives this fall. Gone is the tried and tired modes of boots-on-the-ground team deathmatch in favor of what id calls Rage Combat Rally.

Rage Combat Rally contains several vehicular combat sub-modes — Team Rally, Chain Rally and Vehicle Deathmatch — that mix shooter and racing elements. Along with kills, points will be awarded from various “multipliers”, like driving through rally points, naturally. Players level up by racking up points and can unlock more loadouts, weapons and other forms of vehicular bad-assness.

So far, Rage Combat Rally includes up to four players, but the team is shooting for six if they can get the right gameplay balance. Right now, there are five maps planned, though more may arrive in time for launch. id’s also disclosed that Rage will feature a co-op mode called  Legends of the Wasteland. In it, two players work together to complete separate side missions within the game’s universe. Further details such as exact missions and structure are still being figured out.

id’s lighter and vehicle-focused approach to multiplayer is certainly a change in direction. The rationale: the developers sought to create something different that fit within the confines of “what’s right for Rage” according to IGN. id is confident that they’ve created “the most badass single player” possible, which is a “meaty offering on its own.” This affords the chance for more boundary-pushing liberty with the multiplayer.

It should make for an interesting experience once Rage arrives on September 13 and 16 in NA and EU, respectively.