More info on Wii successor’s controller, streams entire games?

Rumours for the ambitious controller for the Wii successor have appeared on the internet. CVG and IGN are reporting that the controller will feature a built-in screen capable of doing all kinds of crazy things.

The screen itself can apparently be touch controlled, but more interesting is its ability to stream content and in some cases “entire games” can be played on the go. It’s an interesting idea, though initial concerns are of Nintendo releasing seemingly a second handheld into the market, although it would be more limited than the 3DS. Think of it as more of a mini TV than a brand new console though; presumably the new system will have to be on and relaying through the controller’s screen for you to use it.

According to IGN the system bears the codename Project Cafe. Nintendo are doing a pretty wonderful job on letting the speculation stew until E3.