Old Sonic meets New Sonic in Sonic Generations

Sonic is one resilient hedgehog. After years of lackluster titles and questionable design choices (he has a sword?), the blue bandit has seen a bit of a resurgence recently with Sonic Colors and Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 1. Now, to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of Sega’s feisty mascot, the Sonic of yore pairs up with the Sonic of now in a new time-bending adventure called Sonic Generations.

Fans of old and new will find a lot to enjoy here, as it blends a mix of 2D and 3D gameplay and features classic levels from the original Sonic games that you can play the old-fashioned 2D way or the new 3D way. Not quite a remake as it is a “re-imagining”, the game is technically an all-new affair…sort of. You see, Modern Sonic gets sent back in time and runs into his old self (Classic Sonic) and familiar levels (Green Hill Zone, etc.) The Sonics team up together to fight the evil power making this all go down. Knowing Sonic, there will probably be plenty of surprises in store when the game ships this holiday season.