Harmonix out of the woods? ‘At least one’ announcement in store for E3

Having had a rough few months since the release of Rock Band 3, Harmonix are prepping to step back into the spotlight this E3.

The company’s VP of Product Development, Greg LoPiccolo, revealed to Industry Gamers that they have some big things in store come this June. “We’ll have at least one bit of significant news at E3,” he told the site without revealing if this was a new IP or a sequel.

There’s a high chance that it could indeed be the next Dance Central title, especially given LoPiccolo’s desire to talk up motion gaming: “I guess one thing that a lot of people don’t remember is that we sort of did a little foray back in – I think – 2004 when we did Antigrav for EyeToy, which was really fun to develop and we were really happy with the outcome. We learned a lot about sort of the strengths and challenges of motion gaming even at that point, a lot of which we directly applied to the Dance Central development process.”

He continued: “I think that we see opportunities in motion gaming that we might be uniquely equipped to pursue and so I think we are broadening our scope a little bit in terms of the studio focus to not only encompass music gaming, but also motion gaming, and that may manifest in a lot of different ways. Right now, we actually we have a number of different teams hard at work on different concepts which has been super entertaining and just a lot of fun to work on brand new IP. At some point, some of that stuff will hopefully see the light of day.”

Could their motion controlled enthusiasm carry over to other platforms? “We’re pretty impressed with Kinect as a platform and we’ve had good success out of the gate with it, but we’re certainly not blind to the opportunities that the Wii and the Move present.”

Look towards E3 for more from this popular dev.